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Why Become a Work at Home Mom

With the ever evolving social, economic, and technological climate, becoming a work at home mom may be ideal for many reasons.

So many moms struggle with the idea of becoming a work at home mom. While it’s a very tempting concept, they just aren’t sure if it’s the right thing for their family. But there are many reasons why choosing to become a WAHM is ideal. Let us count the ways.

1. Time

You lose a lot of time working outside the home. Depending on your commute, lost time can amount to up to 10 hours or more. If you live in a busy city or work in a different city altogether, that time can easily add up to over 20 hours each week. That’s 40 to 80 hours a month of lost time.

When you add kids to the mix, being gone a lot is a problem. Children need to see their parents, and that lost time we mentioned could be quality time spent with your children. When working at home, there’s no need to “leave” for work until it’s actually time for you to begin work. Forget the commute. Then when you’re done with work, you can shut down and switch to “back at home” mode immediately.

2. Chaos

Life at home can be chaotic. But, when you work outside the home and have to manage shuffling kids to soccer practice or gymnastics, getting dinner on, homework and everything else that goes with being a parent, chaos gets turned up a notch!

When you’re a work at home mom, you are already there. You trade in commuting time for availability. You’re available when it’s time to head to soccer or gymnastics. You’re available for doctor’s appointments. You simply shut down your work for the day, or the moment, and tend to the family matters at hand.

Scheduling problems become almost nonexistent because you have the flexibility to be there for your family when needed. Making life a little less chaotic on the home front.

3. Money

Not only can you earn money working at home, it’s possible that you might also save money. As a work at home mom, you won’t need to pay for full-time daycare. However, you might consider part-time care depending on the age of your children.

You’ll save on gas when you work at home, because you can ditch the commute. Unless you just love shopping, you might even save on clothes since you won’t need an elaborate wardrobe. Even if you do have meetings outside the home, you could make do with a few mix and match pieces.

There may even be a few unexpected savings, as well. No need to go out for lunch every day. You won’t feel compelled to order things from your co-workers’s children for school fundraisers. Oh, and the only birthday fund you’ll have to contribute to is the one for your family.

4. Quality of life

If you’re cut out for this lifestyle, working at home could improve your quality of life.

First of all, you have more control over your time when you when at home versus working outside the home. How much control will depend on the kind of work you do and the time required. For example, our independent customer service professionals get to select their own schedules. This gives them flexibility around their lifestyle and other demands on their time.

In many cases, you won’t have to ask permission to take time off or feel guilty when you call in sick. If you have a sick child, you have the flexibility to be there for them. Want to see a movie, run errands, or show up for a school event? That’s completely possible when you have more control over when your work gets done. So, if you’re an early bird or a night owl, working at home can help you create the schedule you need.

Becoming a work at home mom has many benefits. The determining factor is what you want or need for your lifestyle, then deciding whether working at home or outside the home is best for you and your family.

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